Finding the Zen we need

Finding Zen: Easy Ways to Cultivate More Inner Peace 08/29/2013 12:32 am ET | Updated Oct 28, 2013 231 HeartMath LLC Provides services to improve health and well-being while reducing stress HeartMath, widely recognized for its science-based solutions for stress, as well as a personal wellness technology innovator, explores the scientific meaning behind internal “Zen”…

The apartment fell through

Well last night I got a text from the landlord of the apartment complex I was going to rent in. It was a private owner and a small building but had the feel that I wanted for the area. They decided to not rent to me because I am moving in from out of state..which…

Apartment Hunting

God help me.. This has been really stressful. I am trying to locate an apartment for rent in March somewhere in Asheville NC for under $900.00 and I did find one…after another..after another. None of them are working out perfectly. Either the rent is to high or like 10 people are looking at the place….

The soul of the forrest.

I am glad I found this image when I did. The artist Milan Vasek did an amazing job of capturing the essence of North Carolina with the amazing colors in the leaves to the sense of peace and tranquility.  Every day I am a day closer to living here!

Something to smile about

Today I choose to smile about dogs..they are pure happiness and when I get up north I am getting one. 😀