Lets begin

Here I sit, 30 years old and have just finished a bachelors degree in graphic design. It’s almost 3 am and I’m laying in bed wide awake watching season 7 of hells kitchen. I live with my boyfriend of 3.5 years in a townhouse in Orlando Florida and on the surface everything would seem that its going really great for me. I have a job, a bf, a car and I live in a state where its usually sunny. I could go to the beach anytime or the theme parks or any number of things right?

The thing is..Ive done it all, over and over and over. The beach is about an hour and a half away and then I have to fight tourists and find parking to spend some time probably solo just walking in the shelly sand of the Atlantic.  I could go out to theme parks …sure if I had a ton of money. Ask anyone who lives here how often they go to Disney….like once a year maybe unless they have some weird obsession with the place. Its like $90.00 a person for a day just to walk into the park. That wouldn’t include drinks or food or parking. Orlando is pretty much made for tourists and people 21-24 for sure. Its all night clubs and shopping malls.

So heres the thing, I spent years of my life trying to find love and create that whole perfect image in my head of the life that I thought that I wanted. I gave myself to others over and over again expecting that they would appreciate the love and kindness that I gave to them. Wrong….found out thats the worst way to get used. This past year my step father passed away and that left my mother and grandmother by themselves up in North Carolina.

I decided that this presented me with an opportunity. I want to start over, I want to experience something new. I want to try new things again and get back to doing the things that I really love. I want to go hiking and whitewater rafting. I want to try zip lining and I want to go out beer brewery hopping and meet new people.  Asheville is the prefect place for all of this. So I am going to blog about the adventures that I am going to have. I am not sure anyone else will even be interested in what I have to say or why. But this is my journey and even if this blog is never read by anyone I feel like its an important step for me.

I choose a new life!


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